Feng Shui Home Tips

Feng Shui Home Tips: Feng shui has become an ancient Chinese practice that has recently become popular even in the Western world. It aims to achieve a certain balance in a particular environment so that it is more ideal for people to live. This is a feng shui practice that has gotten the attention of most people, especially for use in their homes. Here are some useful home feng shui tips that you can use to make your home full of positive "chi".
Feng Shui Home Tips
Feng Shui Home Tips
Your door and Chi
First, you can start at your door. Doors must always be free and free from chaos. With this in mind, you should try removing sandals or shoes that might be lying on the doorstep. In feng shui, it is said that "chi" flows with the wind. With sandals and shoes on the doorstep, "chi" will bring along the aroma that comes from sandals and shoes to your home and cause illness.

"Chi" will go about the interior of the house trying to find water where he can stay. In the absence of water bodies such as fountains and aquariums, "chi" will easily spread by the wind.

Water Tank and Fountain
In feng shui, water is said to be an energy storage area called "chi". That's why it might be good to have it at home. But positioning is also important. A fountain or fish tank must be positioned in an area that will attract "chi" positivity. But the wrong or unfavorable position will also bring the opposite.

While good fortune waits, wrong positioning will also bring bad luck and bad luck. If you have noticed the last thing that happened to you after placing a fish tank fountain in a certain area at home, you might need to move it to another location.

Chi in the Kitchen
In designing your kitchen at home, make sure you don't put your refrigerator in front of your stove. This equipment is fire and water resistant. With these two clashes, it might bring family members to frequent disputes at home. This also applies to the stove opposite the sink or washing machine in your kitchen.

Feng Shui in the Living Room
If you have recently experienced considerable pressure at work, your marble table might be the factor that causes it, feng shui speaks. You can try to overcome the pressure or remove the marble table in your home and exchange it for wood.

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In the same way color can also affect several things in feng shui. For example, having a red sofa in your living room can bring work pressure, problems and obstacles. The red color indicates the fire does not work well in some areas of the house. These are just a few tips for home feng shui that you can apply to ensure that the flow of "chi" in your home stays on the positive side.